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Credit Card Policy

TradeShowPlus takes internet security seriously. TradeShowPlus will not fully charge a customer's online order until a security check has been performed and our customer service team fully reviewed the customer’s order. We charge orders after art proofs have been approved and the order is ready to enter production.


Orders placed on our website using credit cards are authorized at the time of order placement. An authorization is a funds hold placed on a customer credit card. Once the order is reviewed the processing of the credit card will depend on the following:

  • STOCK ORDERS: Orders for in-stock items, not requiring production time, will be reviewed and fully charged once stock is confirmed and the order is ready to be released to the warehouse for packaging and shipment.
  • CUSTOM ORDERS: Orders for non-stock manufactured hardware and custom imprinted graphics will remain on authorized status and not be fully charged until the order is ready to enter production.

IMPORTANT: Place your order after your art files are complete and ready for printing. Credit card companies have strict rules governing how long we can hold an authorization before fully charging the credit card. Customers who delay providing correct artwork, proof approval, or any other order delay, will have to provide their credit card information again. While inconvenient, our credit card policies are controlled by the banking system and are out of the control of TradeShowPlus.


If the customer decides to subtract products or services from their online order TradeShowPlus will credit the original credit card used for the order. If the customer adds products or services to their online order TradeShowPlus will charge the original credit card use for the order unless directed otherwise by the customer. Order additions will show up as a separate charge on the customer’s credit card statement. All order changes must be made in writing by the customer to our customer service department.

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